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Great opportunity for B.Tech and M.Tech Final Semester Students

Great opportunity for B.Tech and M.Tech Final Semester Students

Texas Instruments is conducting an online examination from 1st year to final semester students in the courses under Electrical and Comp Engg domain (our B.Tech and M.Tech students are eligible).
The procedure is that after the student logs in he/she will be getting study material and he/she has to appear for an online examination. The test will be open book but they have to do the test in normal college hours. Once our students register TI will set up one/two test slots for CU. These test slots will be for CU students only.
The link for registration is:

The student benefits apart from getting the TI study materials are:
  • Participation & Merit Certificates from Texas Instruments
  • Prizes for Top 3 winners of contest
  • Competitive advantage to learn, analyze and apply your skills at your convenience
  • Develop the technical skills required to excel in Industry
  • Explore the state-of-the-art technology from Texas Instruments

T**his will be done dedicatedly for CU, so 3 students from CU will surely get winners certificate from TI.